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Nirva Mentor - Committee Chair
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Brandon Thornhill -  Committee
Co -Chair
2015 Scholarship Winner

Scholarship Committee  - APPLICATIONS DUE *MARCH 7, 2021


Please click here to apply for the AABE Scholarship application for current high school students (including Criteria checklist). 

Meet 2015 Scholarship recipient, Brandon Thornhill,


The American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) offers a scholarship program. Through its Scholarship Program, the AABE seeks to help increase the number of African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans (underrepresented minorities) in energy related fields.



Scholarship recipients - known as AABE Scholars - are determined each spring by the organization’s local chapter scholarship committee for local scholarships and by the National Scholarship Committee for national scholarships. Recipients will receive notification of their selection.



March 7, 2021      Scholarship Application Closes



Individual chapters of the AABE have different awards and awarding amounts. The top candidates from each chapter are sent to compete for a $3,000 Regional and a $5,000 National Award given annually for a maximum of four years to the candidate who is judged to demonstrate the most outstanding achievement and promise.



To be eligible for this scholarship, students must meet the four (4) following requirements:

  1. Be a graduating high school senior who intends to enroll the next semester following high school graduation in an accredited college or university.

  2. Have an unweighted academic average of “B” or better (3.0 on a 4.0 scale).

  3. Plan to major in business, one of the physical sciences, technology, engineering or mathematic fields in preparation for a career in the energy sector.

  4. Be one of the underrepresented minorities (African Americans, Hispanics & Native Americans).


The Application Package

Consideration will be given only to candidates submitting complete online application packages which include: (1) a completed AABE application form; (2) an official high school transcript; (3) a complete essay that has been proofread for typing error, grammar, structure, organization, content and clarity; (4) official proof of ACT or SAT scores; (5) two letters of reference; and (6) a completed checklist. Please include a picture of yourself to be used when winners are announced. Please redact Social Security Numbers from all documents.

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