Brandon Thornhill
2015 Scholarship Winner

2015 AABE Scholarship Recipient

My name is Brandon Thornhill and I am a 2015 AABE Scholarship Recipient. Since receiving the scholarship during my senior year of high school, I have gone on to graduate from College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA with a bachelors degree in Economics. I joined National Grid full-time in 2019 as an Associate Analyst on the Business Development team.


I can honestly say that winning the AABE scholarship has done so much more than ~slightly~ offset the sky-high cost of tuition. Over the past 5 years, the connections that I’ve made with some Greater Boston AABE members have provided me with numerous opportunities, mentors, and even my first internship during college!


Prior to winning the scholarship, I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue. The utility and energy industries were never something that I’d really heard about or learned in school. Once I started to do a little research on what exactly “energy” meant, I was blown away at the dynamic and diverse opportunities that it encompasses. Whatever your passion may be, I guarantee there’s a place for you in the energy industry.


When you win the AABE Scholarship, you are receiving so much more than the money that comes along with it. You are also gaining access to some of the most intelligent, passionate, and dedicated professionals that the energy sector has to offer. I will be forever grateful for the doors that were opened (and continue to open) to me as a result of receiving this scholarship and my hope is pass it on to the next generation of engineers/economists/scientists/line workers.

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